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Inspection of Historic Church's Slate Roof Shows Fania's Work Holds Up Over Time

The Fania Roofing Company is proud of our well-earned reputation as skilled historic building roofing professionals in northern NJ and the Lehigh Valley, PA-area. As we have said before, "the difference is in the details." You can trust the details of your historic building's roof to The Fania Roofing Company. When you add up proper product selection and design, superior workmanship and company reputation — especially a company that is actively laying groundwork for future success — you get a reliable premium roofing system.

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The Fania Roofing Company has earned a solid reputation as the company to call specifically for NJ roofing for historic structures, including churches. The United Methodist Church in Madison, NJ, is one of our most distinctive historic roofing projects.

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Nor'easter? You can depend on Fania Roofing Co. for emergency roof repairs

If your building's roof became damaged during a fierce storm, do you know who you would call? The Fania Roofing Company is ready to respond in an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We have a fleet of roofing service vehicles in readiness mode for just this type of situation. Our highly trained and experienced crews are skilled in addressing emergency conditions. Their priority is to prevent further roof damage during a weather emergency.

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Whippany, NJ, office complex owner engages The Fania Roofing Company for low-slope commercial roof replacement

The Fania Roofing Company, specializing in NJ and PA commercial roof replacement, was called in to handle the roof replacement at Jefferson Plaza. To minimize disruption to those who use the buildings daily, building management scheduled Fania Roofing to perform the first roof replacement in the spring and the other in the following fall. Replacing both roofs at the same time would have created an unnecessary level of disruption for the occupants.

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Fania's commitment to safety includes our recent CERTA training

Safety is always a concern for roofing contractors. The Fania Roofing Company's commitment to safety training for our employees lets you know how important we believe it is. Safety training minimizes the dangers roofing professionals face as they work and helps them avoid damaging your building while they are installing and maintaining its roof.

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Fania executive participates in Healthcare Facilities Management Society of New Jersey

Any building is important when it's your building, but it's safe to say that roof maintenance at hospitals and other healthcare facilities is crucial to the community as a whole. The Fania Roofing Company recognizes this and is well positioned as a resource for healthcare facilities managers throughout the region. That's why we're exceptionally proud that our Commercial Division Sales Manager, Phil Desmond, was inducted into the Healthcare Facilities Management Society of New Jersey (HFMSNJ) in November.

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Introducing the newest Fania Roofing team member, Giovanni Mantovani!

The Fania Roofing Company welcomes a new team member, Giovanni Mantovani -- but everyone here just calls him "Gio." He’s been with us for a few weeks now and says the best thing, so far, in working at Fania is that every day is an adventure. He learns something new every day and is looking forward to the wealth of knowledge he’ll obtain with Fania.

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Hiring professionals for rooftop snow removal can save money … and may save a life

Removing snow from a roof can be deadly, but leaving it there can also be very dangerous. How important is snow removal, and what's the best way to remove snow from the roof? Let's look at several scenarios. These apply to both residential and commercial roofs throughout Fania Roofing Company's service area in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania.

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Tip for commercial building owners and managers: Establish annual roof inspections with Fania's RoofGuard™ Inspection Program

This is Part Three of a three-part series about the importance of scheduling an annual roof inspection whether you're in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania.

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Slate, Tile, Cedar Shakes or Asphalt Shingles — Tips for homeowners when it comes to scheduling an annual roof inspection

This is Part Two of a three-part series about the importance of scheduling an annual roof inspection whether you're in New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania.

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