Warranties & Insurance

The insurance industry has listed roofing as one of the most dangerous of professions.  Good insurance coverage which covers all roofing operations has become very difficult to obtain and a large portion of roofing contractor are either underinsured or not insured at all.  Due to insurance premiums increasing for the roofing industry and the inability of roofer to pay large insurance premiums, finding a good qualified roofer is becoming more difficult.

It is recommended that you verify a contractor’s insurance before hiring them.  Ask to be provided with an Accord Certificate of Insurance, which will provide carrier information, policy number, policy dates and policy limits.  The form is provided by the contractor’s insurance agent/broker. It is very important that the person contracting with the contractor be listed on the certificate of insurance as the certificate holder.  It is recommended that, upon receipt of the certificate, that all information is verified with the agent/broker listed.  You may call them and confirm that all coverage listed is valid and has not been altered.  You will also want to confirm that no exclusions are included under the coverage listed.  Exclusions include roofing operation or the state in which the work be performed in.

It is very important that you confirm that the contractor performing work on your property is insured properly.  If you have a roofing contractor that will be performing roofing work, they should have a policy that covers all aspects of roofing operations.  This should be a priority when choosing your next roofer.

The Fania Co. will be more than happy to provide you with insurance information prior to your agreement to proceed with any work on your property.  The Fania Company does not use day laborers. 

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